Netherlands €5 2009. 400 Years Trade With Japan. Proof
Netherlands €5 2009. 400 Years Trade With Japan. Proof

400 Years of Trade with Japan

Trade between Japan and the Netherlands started when the ship de Liefde arrived in Japan in 1600. From the end of the 16th to the beginning of the 17th century, Japanese culture was strongly influenced by Portugal and Spain. In 1639, the Tokugawa Shogunate prohibited the Portuguese from visiting Japan and decided to conduct official trade only with the Netherlands. In 1641, the Dutch East India Company (VOC) was moved from Hirado to Deshina in Nagasaki and trade between Japan and the Netherlands began a new stage.The Netherlands wasby then the only country introducing western culture. During the Edo period western culture into Japan was almost exclusively imported through the offices of the VOC.

Metal:          .900 gold        .925 silver              silver plate
Weight:        6.72 grams    11.9 grams           10.5 grams
Diameter:    22.5 mm        33 mm                    29.5 mm
Quality:         proof               proof                        BU
Face value:  €10                 € 5                            € 5
Mintage:       6,500             20,000                     —

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