Prisoner of War Money in the United States

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From the Introduction, by Neil Shafer

   World War II is one of the most highly collected and studied areas in all of numismatics.  There are literally hundreds of ways of delving into this period of history and each is important in its own right.
   The study of how prisoners of war were treated has many facets, among them the ways they were able to function financially.  There are tremendous variances to such a study, and each involved nation had its own methods of dealing with this problem.  The United States chose a fairly unified system of providing ticket-like chits to P.O.W.’s in many camps located throughout the country.
   When circumstances permit, the collecting instinct will take hold and the affected individual will begin the usual process of gathering examples and seeking information on whatever items he has found.  Such was the case with Albert Pick, late author and originator of the Standard Catalog of World Paper Money.  He was a P.O.W. in the United States, and he became interested in the chits of his and other camps- so much so that he came out with a listing, the first of its kind, in 1953.

  Co-authors David Seelye and David Frank were spurred on to do further research into these intriguing issues.  The result, I am told, will be nothing short of fabulous. Apparently they have been successful in locating a great deal of new information and have combined that with all previously compiled data.  All images including booklet covers will be in color for the first time; additionally, there will be a new numbering system and updated valuations.
  It will become known as “The Chit Book”- so says co-author David Seelye.  After hearing what this work will encompass, I can heartily agree with him.  Both he and David Frank are already well-known specialists in the field, and their combined efforts have now produced a truly landmark reference.

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