9780871844026LG.jpg Investor's Guide to United States Coins $27.95

A bible for coin investment in the 21st century
A Complete Statistical Analysis of How Coin Collectors Can Profit With Rare Coins
Everything you need to know about the No. 1 emerging growth area for the millennium!

Second Edition
By Neil S. Berman & Silvano DiGenova, Numismatists
Statistical Research by Dr. Jason Perry, Financial Economist Boston Federal Reserve Bank

The first edition of this book was revolutionary in its approach to the buying and selling of rare coins. Collectors and investors were told that if they followed empirical models of price performance and investment return, not only would they profit handsomely, but their coin purchases would also outperform traditional investment vehicles.
For this new edition, the well-known professional numismatist Silvano DiGenova and Dr. Jason Perry, Financial Economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, have joined the book’s original author, Neil S. Berman to fully update the contents, taking into account the steady acceleration in rare coin prices, changes in trading practices, the revolution in grading standards, and external factors affecting the buying and selling of coins. The result is a no-holds-barred look at today’s evolving market that is indispensible to experienced collectors and investors as well as neophytes.
Included is an extensive price history of all United States coins from 1955 to date, with notable auction results and listings of key dates. The numerous charts of data and illustrative graphs interspersed throughout will be useful to dealers and collectors alike in forming strategies to take advantage of what will be one of the great growth areas of the 21st century.

• 5.75 x 8.75 format
• 320 pages
• Hard bound

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