Hungarian 1926 Pengos Fine Silver Masterpieces
Hungarian 1926 Pengos Fine Silver Masterpieces


Deep in the archives of the Hungarian Mint in Budapest is a treasure trove – not of coins, but of the tools that made them. Stretching back over a century, they have remained preserved and protected, and on rare occasions put to use in the making of official mint restrikes for collectors.
    We are pleased to offer now a set of these restrikes, Fine Silver Masterpieces of Hungary - 1926 Pengos for the first time.
­­    The “Pengo 1926 Masterpiece” set is limited to a maximum mintage of 3,000 sets and costs $117.25. It has .999 fine silver copies of the originally bronze 1 and 2 fillers, copper-nickel 10, 20, and 50 fillers, and .640 silver 1 pengo. The illustrated package (right) includes historic photos from 1926 and illustrations of some of Hungary’s older banknotes.

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