Hungarian Korona Fine Silver Masterpieces
Hungarian Korona Fine Silver Masterpieces

    Deep in the archives of the Hungarian Mint in Budapest is a treasure trove – not of coins, but of the tools that made them. Stretching back over a century, they have remained preserved and protected, and on rare occasions put to use in the making of official mint restrikes for collectors.
    We are pleased to offer now one set of these restrikes, Fine Silver Masterpieces of Hungary for the first time: ­­­­Hungary’s Korona system was in effect from 1892 to 1925, although very few coins were made after 1916. The short-lived Pengo system was in effect from 1926 to 1945 and was discontinued by the postwar government.
    The seven piece Korona Masterpiece Set contains restrikes of the 1, 2, 10, and 20 filler coins, as well as the 1, 10, and 20 korona. All the coins are struck in .999 fine silver (the original fillers were bronze, nickel, or iron. The 10 and 20 korona are also gold-plated since the original coins were gold. The original tools still available were used to fabricate the working dies. To avoid confusion with the originals, each coin also has the BP. mintmark of the  Hungarian Mint in Budapest and are marked with the fineness. The series contains the first date issued for each denomination. it has a maximum mintage of only 2,000 sets

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