Netherlands €5 2005. 50 Years Peace and Freedom. Proof

Netherlands €5 2005. 50 Years Peace and Freedom. Proof


Gold & Silver Coins for End of World War II and 60 Years of Peace and Freedom

The Netherlands was liberated from the grip of the Nazis of May 5, 1945, but it was not until August 15 that the Japanese surrendered in the Pacific and in the then Netherlands East Indies. This was the official end of the war in the Kingdom of the Netherlands. For the 60th year of “freedom” the Ministry of Finance authorized the issue of these gold and silver legal tender commemorative coins.

The small dots on the obverse are supposed to glow around Queen Beatrix, who for the first time  is portrayed on a coin in full length. Suzan Drummen is the designer: “The dots suggest space, through which it looks like the coin is a little bit like a ball. Queen Beatrix looks really like she is in space, which I associate with freedom.”
The reverse of the coin is made in layers and shows the texts ’60 jaar vrede’ (60 years of freedom). In the background of the whimsically placed balls looms the figure ‘5’ or ‘10’ for the denomination.

The obverse is inextricably bound up with the reverse and invite the observer to look at it more seriously. You ask: is the coin round or hollow? Is the ball on the obverse also a ball on the reverse? While Drummen hopes you take a serious look, the balls give the coin a playfulness which she feels is representative of peace and freedom.

Metal:        .900 gold             .925 silver
Weight:       6.72 grams        11.9 grams
Diameter:   22.5 mm            29 mm
Quality:        proof                   proof
Face value: 10 euro              5 euro
Designer:               Suzan Drummen
Mintage:       6,000                40,000

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