Hungary 3,000 Ft. 2022. Agnes Nemes Nagy. Cu-Ni BU

Hungary 3,000 Ft. 2022. Agnes Nemes Nagy. Cu-Ni BU

3,000 Forint for Ágnes Nemes Nagy (1922–1991)
Prize winning poet, translator, essayist who started writing poetry as a student. Újhold, the literary magazine she founded in 1946 was banned by the communists in 1948. She then worked as a freelance writer and translator, translating the works of Molière, Racine, Corneille, Bertolt Brecht and others. In 1997, she and her husband Balázs Lengyel were honored by Yad Vashem as “Righteous Among the Nations” for her life-saving activities during World War II.
The obverse is visual depiction of her poem Szobrokat vittem: a sinking sailboat carrying three giant statues of heads on board, a metaphor for literary creation, and also symbolic of the attempt at immortality.
The back bears a portrait of Ágnes Nemes Nagy, with a full bookcase behind with a picture of poet Mihály Babits in the background as a symbol of the connection between the two.

Denomination Quality   Metal          Issue limit    Diameter      Weight 
3000 HUF        BU       CuNi           5,000           38.61 mm     30.8 g

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