Switzerland 500 Francs 2021. Lucerne Shooting Festival. Gold Proof

Switzerland 500 Francs 2021. Lucerne Shooting Festival. Gold Proof


Switzerland’s annual shooting taler is now available for preorder in advance of its mid February release date. The 2021 issue will be different than any that came before it.

Swiss Shooting Festivals date back to the 15th century when festival participants used crossbows in shooting contests. The legend of William Tell recalls this tradition. Another tradition since the 19th century is silver and gold versions of the traditional coins used to help mark and promote the event. In modern times, cantonal and regional shooting festivals are held every year and a Federal Shooting Festival takes place every five years. In 2020, a Federal Shooting Festival was scheduled for July in Lucerne but Covid-19 forced its cancellation until June 11 to July 11, 2021, making the 2020 Lucerne Federal Shooting Festival the first one to have two coins–one dated 2020, and another dated 2021.

The 500 franc gold proof coin sold out last year and late orders were left unfilled.

It has a mintage for 2021 of just 125 coins. It is .999 fine gold and weighs ½ troy ounce. It is is 33 millimeters (1.3 inches) in diameter. Cost is $1,985.00. Delivery will be from late January to mid-February.

The obverse bears a classic rendition of the allegorical goddess Helvetia, the personification of the Swiss Confederacy. The reverse departs from the usual crossed rifle motif and instead shows the iconic Lion of Lucerne, a rock relief in the medieval part of the city dating to 1821. It commemorates the Swiss Guards who were massacred in 1792 in a battle during the French Revolution. It is one of the most famous monuments in Switzerland, visited annually by about 1.4 million tourists.