Netherlands €10 2019. 100 Years of Dutch Aviation. Gold Proof.

Netherlands €10 2019. 100 Years of Dutch Aviation. Gold Proof.



KLM (Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij or Royal Airline Company), NLR (National Aerospace Laboratory of the Netherlands, a major technological institute) and aircraft manufacturer Fokker all celebrate their 100th anniversaries in 2019. In many ways, the three of them comprise the history of Dutch aviation. The Mint says in a statement, “In 100 years, aviation has made our world smaller and broadened our perspective. Borders and distances became smaller, which enriched our lives. People have always been obsessed with escaping the earth and looking at the world from the sky, just like a bird. Flying is something magical and aviation has developed revolutionarily over the past century. What once started with a dream is now a normal reality and accessible to many.”

As had been traditional with modern commemorative coins of the Netherlands, three coins are being issued – gold proof, silver proof, and silver-plated. This issue is the first time, however, that there are actually differences in the coins. When you place the three coins next to each other, you can see that the plane and its shadow are moving slightly each time – the plane is flying!

Proof .900 fine gold

6.72 grams

22.5 mm in diameter

Limited to 1,000 pieces.