Palau Sand Dollar 2017. Silver Proof

Palau Sand Dollar 2017. Silver Proof


 Sand dollars are popular souvenirs collected by tourists and beachcombers around the world. The sun-bleached skeletons of these sea urchins resemble old Spanish and American dollar coins, which lead early settlers to refer to them as sand dollars. In Spanish speaking countries they are often known as «galleta de mar» – sea biscuit or sea cookie.

In Christian symbolism, the unique patterns on a sand dollar represent the birth, crucifixion and resurrecition of Jesus Christ. According to the legend of the sand dollar, the central star represents the star of Bethlehem, the five petals surrounding the star show an easter lily, while the five holes indicate the wounds of Christ’s crucifixion. The backside of a sand dollar shows a Christmas flower outline. Last but not least, each sand dollar carries five doves inside it. When broken apart the doves emerge to spread peace and joy.

Some believe sand dollars to be mythical coins lost by mermaids and washed ashore. Still others consider them to be the currency of the people of the lost city of Atlantis.

Whichever legend intrigues you most, the new, delicate sand dollar coins are sure to fascinate and enchant. The silver coin represents sand dollars in a very literal sense. It has a face value of one dollar issued by the Republic of Palau with a realistic reverse design and shape. Unique to the smartminting technology silver coin is the artistic mermaid design on its obverse.

The coin ships in a treasure chest collector’s box.








Face Value

1 Dollar


Silver .999


1 oz


50 mm