Great Britain Mint Sets

Great Britain Year Set 1965 $15.00

Nine coins including the Churchill commemorative crown and English and Scottish shillings. In hard plastic case (slightly scratched)

Great Britain Mint Set 1968/71. First Decimal COins $5.00

The first coins under the decimal system. ½, 1, 2, 5, and 10 New Pennies. In official Royal Mint wallet. The packaging for this set was not the Royal Mint's finest hour, sometimes resulting in discoloration.

Great Britain Proof Set 1970 $40.00

The last coins of the old pounds-shilling-pence system. 8 pieces in Royal Mint hard plasticcase.

Great Britain Proof Set 1971 $20.00

The first decimal coins in Royal Mint hard plastic case

Great Britain Proof Set 2003 $80.00

11 coin proof set in official Royal Mint box. Includes an additional Women's Suffrage commemorative 50 pence. and 2 bimetal £2 coins celebrating the discovery of teh DNA molecule and technology from the Iron Age to the Internet.

UK.gif United Kingdom 6 Coin Set Price $

Price: $3.50

5 or more: $3.15

10 or more: $2.95