Mongolia 100 Togrog 2018 Silver Banknote  The Mongolian Bankhar

Mongolia 100 Togrog 2018 Silver Banknote The Mongolian Bankhar


The Mongolian Bankhar
A real legal tender banknote, but made in .999 pure silver!

This is a bit unusual to say the least. It is a  piece of currency, yet it is not paper, it is pure silver. It is part of one of the first legal tender silver notes series that was introduced in February 2017.
2018 was the Year of the Dog in the Chinese Lunar Calendar and the Central Bank of Mongolia celebrated with its first silver banknote.
 It depicts the Mongol Bankhar, a huge, shaggy dog once commonly kept by nomadic herders to protect livestock, and a dog perfectly adapted to the harsh climate and landscape.
Bankhars are considered to be a landrace rather than a pedigreed breed. A landrace is a regional variation that adapts over time to its natural and cultural environment. Although they have a uniform appearance they are usually more genetically diverse than dogs bred to a formal standard.
During the communist era, knowledge of how to breed, train, and use the Bankhar was lost. A project being led by two Americans living in Mongolia is now underway to revive it.
The  Bankhar is said to have a cool demeanor — laid back and tolerant of everything, but tough. They live outside in the Mongolian winter
People who are born in the year of the dog are said to be honest, loyal, smart, and friendly.

    Face Value     100 Togrog
    Metal     Silver .999
    Weight     5 g
    Size     150×70 mm (5.9x2.76 inches)
    Quality     Prooflike
    Mintage     5,000