Hungary 3,000 Forint 2024. 50th Anniversary of Rubik's Cube. Proof-like

Hungary 3,000 Forint 2024. 50th Anniversary of Rubik's Cube. Proof-like

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The three-dimensional combination puzzle known to generations as Rubik's Cube was invented in 1974 by Hungarian sculptor and architecture professor Ernő Rubik. It was not until 1980 that it was introduced internationally, when the cube, with 43,252,003,274,489,856,000 ways of arranging the squares, but with only one solution quickly became an addiction, and took the world by storm.

Rubik received a patent for what was at the time called the “Magic Cube” on December 31, 1977. Today, the rights to sell Rubik's cubes belong to the Spin Master Corporation, a Canadian multinational children's toy and entertainment company. According to Fortune, as of January 2024, around 500 million cubes had been sold worldwide, making it the world's bestselling puzzle game, and, says The Independent, the bestselling toy. Rubik's Cube was inducted into the United States National Toy Hall of Fame in 2014.

 Spin Master has granted the Hungarian National Bank approval for a coin issue celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of this Hungarian phenomenon. 20,000 proof-like 3,000-forint coins will be released by the Hungarian Mint on Monday, July 15, two days after the official anniversary. They are made of an alloy of copper, aluminum, zinc, and tin known as “Nordic gold.” The hexagonally shaped coin measures 37.18 mm (1½ inches) and weighs 20 grams. It is accompanied by a certificate, something usually done only for precious metal issues.

The obverse and reverse show the cube from two perspectives, outside and inside. The obverse is of the cube as we know it – Six faces of miniature cubes, nine per side, arranged in a 3x3 pattern. The reverse solves a mystery for those who have never taken one apart. It shows the internal structure, with a three-dimensional cross as its anchor to which the cubes are interlocked in such a way that enable is to rotate. There is also the legend “RUBIK-KOCKA” (Rubik’s Cube) below, aligned to the lower left and right sides. Integrated into the image on the back right of the coin is the Hungarian version of the Rubik’s Cube jubilee logo of Spin Master Toys UK Limited. The world record for solving a cube is 3.13 seconds.

Ernő Rubik was, awarded the title of Artist of the Nation, the Kossuth Prize and the Hungarian State Prize. According to the patent: “The essence of the invention is that the 27 elements of the large cube can be repositioned without breaking up the large cube, in a single homologous act: to do this, it is necessary to turn the nine smaller cubes forming any of the surfaces of the large cube.”

After the patent was granted, the first Magic Cubes soon appeared in Hungary and the puzzle embarked on a life of its own. In 1980, the Magic Cube was renamed Rubik’s Cube, and around a million were sold in Hungary alone.

Technical data

Denomination: 3,000 forint

Material: Cu89Al5Zn5Sn1 (Nordic gold)

Quality: Proof-like

Weight: 20 g

Size: 37.18 mm hexagonal

Edge: Smooth

Issue limit: 20,000 pcs, proof-like

Designer: András SZILOS

Date of issue: July 2024