Hungary 2000 Forint 2021. The Ski-High Tree. Brass BU

Hungary 2000 Forint 2021. The Ski-High Tree. Brass BU

With the non-ferrous commemorative coin entitled “Az égig érő fa” (The Giant Tree), in 2021 the Hungarian Mint is launching a new series of coins dedicated to presenting the values of Hungarian folk tales, inspired by the series “Hungarian Folk Tales”, which was a great success of the Kecskemét animation studio from the heyday of Hungarian animated film production. The series was based on an idea of studio head Ferenc Mikulás and directed by Kossuth Award and Balázs Béla Award-winning director and expert Marcell Jankovics, with production starting in 1977. In total, 100 episodes and 12.5 hours of material were created, with significant contributions from directors Mária Horváth and Lajos Nagy. In reflection of its great success, the episodes are also available in English. The series is very popular around the world, such as in the United States, India and the Philippines, and can be watched online, with more than 134 million views.

Thanks to the collection held by the Folklore Research Group of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, the series was able to present the archaic beauty of the Hungarian language, which was strongly supported by the professional abilities of the narrating actors, in particular the work of Gyula Szabó. In developing the images, the animators drew on ornamental, folk art materials collected 100 years ago from historical Hungary, with the group Kaláka interpreting Hungarian folk songs as the accompanying music.

For its presentation of these treasures, the series has been registered as a Hungarikum, with the following explanation: “The peculiar visual and musical world embodied in Hungarian folktales and the accompanying narrative make this animated series a unique work. The kindness, humor, cunning and gaiety of the folktales faithfully reflect the spirit, emotions and true character of the Hungarians. In addition to the above, the truths and fundamental values presented in the episodes of the animated series “Hungarian Folk Tales”, which has earned great recognition within Hungary and abroad, make the series worthy of inclusion in the Collection of Hungarikums.”

The front of the commemorative coin bears an image based on the main title of the series “Hungarian Folk Tales”, featuring a Matyó-style floral pattern with a dove on the left side.

The back of the coin depicts the “Giant Tree” and a profile of the hero of the tale, the swineherd who becomes king, sitting on the shamanic ‘táltos’ horse. The legend “Az égig érő fa” (The Giant Tree) is found to the right of the image in two lines, written in script similar to the main title. The designer mark of artist Boglárka Imrei is located to the bottom left of the central motif.

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