Gold Coins from Sweden, 1520-2020
Gold Coins from Sweden, 1520-2020



Catalog with valuations, statistics, and auction sales

by Roberto Delzanno



All the gold coins of Sweden 1512-2019 listed by date

Gold coins of the Swedish possessions 1561-1878

Fredrik I Landgrave of Hesse-Kassel as King of Sweden 1730-1751

A selection of royal medals 1512 - 2019

A selection of personal medals 1512 - 2019

Pricing in three condition. In easily convertible Swedish kroner (1 kroner = U.S. 10 cents)

Sales statistics

Auction prices realized

Rarity ratings


Each coin cross-referenced with catalog numbers From Friedberg, Gold Coin of the World, and Glück, Wennberg, & Hirsch, Artalsförteckning över svenska mynt

In-depth articles on selected coins and medals

Presentation of a selection of medal engravers

Detailed enlargements with explanatory text

Mint Masters, Coin Engravers, Mint Locations, Short Histories

Written in three languages: Swedish, German and English

Color, hard-bound, 450 pages

Author and publisher: Roberto Delzanno

ISBN: 978-91-639-9466-1



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