Switzerland. 10 Francs 2015. Descent from Alpine Pastures.

The last coin in the five-part series on the topic of Swiss customs is dedicated to one
of Switzerland's most common customs, the descent from Alpine pastures. The 10-
franc bimetallic coin designed by Réhane Favereau from Chambésy, illustrates this
custom in the form of a typical paper cut-out. On the big day of the descent from
Alpine pastures, the herds are cleaned up and in many places artfully adorned with
flowers, fir foliage and flags and the cows wear huge cow bells around their necks.
Even the Alpine farming families and the herdsmen are all spruced up. The floral
decorations are particularly elaborate in the Gruyère. In other places, it is only the
cows with the highest milk yield that have the pleasure of being decorated. This
descent from Alpine pastures is often also an occasion for a fair featuring folk music,
Alpine horn-blowing, bells, whip cracking and a market with typical, regional

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