Switzerland. 5 Francs 2002. Geneva Escalade. Proof

Geneva Escalade

During the night of December 11-12, 1602,  Geneva was attacked by soldiers, who attempted to scale the city walls. The Duke of Savoy, who had lost his former possession of Geneva, was trying to reclaim it. The battle was severe, but the people of Geneva defended their town. Examples of bravery were many: one especially remembers Mère Royaume, who climbed onto the ramparts and poured her pot of hot soup over the head of an enemy soldier.

Ever since, the people of Geneva have celebrated their day of victory. A large, torchbearing procession dressed in period costumes proceeds through the streets of the old city along both banks of the Rhone. Figures like Mère Royaume, armed with her pot, are always present. A goo party is enjoyed by all the participants



Quality: Proof

Weight: 15 grams

Diameter: 33 mm

Mintage: 15,000

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