Hungary 2013 Uncirculated Coin Set for the 400th anniversary of the election of Gábor Bethlen as Prince of Transylvania

The 2013 circulation series commemorates the 400th anniversary of the election of Gábor Bethlen (b. Marosillye, 15 November 1580 – d. Gyulafehérvár, 15 November 1629) as Prince of Transylvania.
The reign of Gábor Bethlen (1613-1629) was one of the most interesting, colourful periods in the history of minting in the Principality of Transylvania. In addition to minting significant quantities of small coins and rich series of silver talers, gold coinage was continuously issued.
The 2013 circulation series is now complemented with a gilded, solid silver copy of a 1618 gold ducat minted in Kolozsvár, from the early period of Bethlen’s reign. The front of the coin bears a portrait of the Prince wearing a feathered cap, while the back features the Bethlen family coat of arms with two wild geese facing each other, necks pierced by an arrow.
This set is restricted to an issue limit of just 3,000 sets!

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