Netherlands €5 2013. 300th anniversary of the Treaty of Utrecht. Silver plated Unc

300th Anniversary of the Treaty of Utrecht

First Dutch commemorative coin of 2013 and the last one of Queen Beatrix. It commemorates 300 years since the Peace of Utrecht, the first peace ever achieved through diplomacy. It was actually a series of treaties among most of the European powers that ended the War of the Spanish Succession and shaped Europe’s future. The design features detailed 3D quill pens , which stand for the 35 delegations that signed the Peace of Utrecht in 1713. The reverse has a world map with the shield of the city.

Metal:      silver plated copper
Weight:   10.5 grams
Diameter:     29 mm   
Quality:    uncirculated
Face value:   €5
Mintage: max.  250,000

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