Hungary’s 2013 Proof Set With gold plated silver restrike of a King Louis (the Great) Goldgulden

Content: 5-10-20-50-100-200 forint circulation coins and a gold-plated finesilver restrike of the historic gold florin issued by King  Louis I

The 2013-year circulation coins bear the new inscription of Hungary.  "MAGYARORSZÁG". The set  contains all denominations of the actually circulating forint coins in uncirculated condition, struck with mirror finished surface. 

The included restrike of the historic coin of King Louis I (also known Louis the Great of Hungary) weights 3,491 grams of fine silver, gold-plated, diameter 20 mm. It is marked with the actual mintmark of the Hungarian Mint and also the fineness can be found on the surface.  The gold coins issued by Louis I. are the first typical Hungarian coins depicting the Hungarian king Saint Ladislaus - revered by Louis I - with his main attribute, the battle-axe. With some variations, this form of the coin continued to be minted until as late as the end of the 16th century.

The mint set packaging is designed by Tamás Tőké

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