Hungary Proof Set 2012

Hungary’s 2012 Proof Set
Includes gold plated silver restrike of the  first Hungarian gold florin

This year’s Hungarian Proof Set introduces us to something different than the same circulation coins as in past years only with a different date. Now, for the first time, it includes a special addition: A mint-struck, gold-plated, fine silver restrike of the first Hungarian gold florin issued by Charles I (1301-1342).
This is also the first Hungarian proof set to bear the nation’s new name, “MAGYARORSZÁG” instead of the previous “Magyar Köztársaság.” In addition to the florin (shown in the set’s center panel), each of Hungary’s six circulating coins are presented in proof quality: 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, and 200 forint, with the latter two of bimetallic composition. The maximum mintage of this set is limited to only 3,000.

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