Hungary. 3,000 Forint 2012. 150th anniversary: The Tragedy of Man by Imre Madach . Proof

Hungary. 3,000 Forint 2012. 150th anniversary:  The Tragedy of Man  by Imre Madach. Proof

The Tragedy of Man, one of the most famous Hungarian plays  was published 150 years ago. Imre Madach himself  noted on the manuscript that he started it on Feb. 17, 1859 and finished on March 26,  1860.  Ever since its publication, The Tragedy of Man has been an iconic piece of the Hungarian play-writing. It was first staged on Sep. 21, 1883 and has been translated into more than 40 languages.
The silver collector coin was designed by Enikő Szöllössy. She depicted the figures of Adam and Eve, with Lucifer rising behind them. The figures are placed on the Earth, on which the title of the work can be read. The obverse shows the portrait of the author, Imre Madach.
The figures of Adam and Eve, and the title of the drama are specially overpolished on the relief.

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