Hungary 2012 Mint Set. Coins with new name


Name Change Made to Hungary's 2012 Coinage

According to the new Basic Law (Constitution) of Hungary, beginning in 2012 the legend on its coins “Magyar Köztársaság” (Democratic Republic of Hungary) is to be replaced by the name of the country alone “MAGYARORSZÁG” (literally Country of the Hungarians). Of course, the form of government continues to be a democratic republic. The change in name means that the legal tender circulation coins will be struck in 2012 with the modified description with the other design elements remaining unchanged. Since the old currency remains valid, mass production of new coinage was not necessary. To ensure however, that collectors can have the whole series of each denomination with the new legend, this"first-day-mint" mint set, limited to 12,000 sets in uncirculated condition was released by the Hungarian Mint

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