Netherlands 1 Guilder 2001. Commemorative Last Guilder. Proof

A New Design for a Nickel Last Guilder

This new 1 guilder coin is the result of a project developed by the Ministry of Finance called “De Laatste Gulden” (“The Last Guilder”). One side (the reverse) is the result of a competition among the nation’s schoolchildren. The winner was a childish impression of a flag-waving lion waving “good-bye” to the guilder. It was created by Tim van Melis, an elementary school student. The obverse portrait of Queen Beatrix for this issue is a new design. The Laatste Gulden’s life as a legal tender means of exchange is one of the shortest in history: Its status as legal tender ended on January 27, 2002, when Dutch merchants had to only accept Euros. The coin weighs 6 grams and is 25 mm in diameter.

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