Netherlands Antilles 25 Gulden 1994. "De Snip" Proof

The Frist transatlantic Mail Flight: Amsterdam-Curaçao 1934

Netherlands Antilles 25 Gulden 1994. "De Snip"  Proof


The tri-motor called "de Snip," aFokker F-XVIII made a crossing from Amsterdam via Paramaribo, Suriname  to Curaçao, carrying mail. The 6,875 mile journey, 2, 500 of it over water landed at
Hato Airport 8 days after its departure from Schiphol Airport on December 22, 1934. Captain was J.J. Hongdong, co-pilot/navigator J.J. van Balkom, engineer L.D. Stolk, wireless operator S. v.d.Molen. The route was from Amsterdam via Marseille, Alicante, Casablanca, Cabo Verde, Paramaribo and Caracas.

Designer: J.C. Heckman

Diameter: 38 mm

Weight: 25 grams

Metal: .925 silver


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