Eisenhower Dollar Commemorative Medallion

This 4 ounce, 2½ inch solid bronze medallion was issued in 1971 on the occasion of the reintroduction of the dollar coin to American coinage. The portrait of General Eisenhower on the obverse is the work of Jeno Juzko and was done shortly after Eisenhower became president. It is the saem portrait that was selected by Mamie Eisenhower for the People-to-People Award.  The revese, designed by Arthur Goldenberg of the Coin & Currency Institute, features for the first time on a medal actual reporductions of the diffrent types of silver dollars  issued in the USA from 1794 to 1971, including the Eiesenhower dollar. The silver dollars enclicling the Eisenhower and their years of issue are:

Flowing Hair, 1794-1795

Draped Bust, 1795,1804

Liberty Seated, 1840-1873

Morgan, 1878-1921

Peace, 1921-1935

Trade, 1873-1885

Lafayette, 1900

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