New Jersey 300th Anniversary Bronze Medallion

This medallion commemorates the 300th anniversary of the establishment of New Jersey in 1664 and was the official issue of the State of New Jersey Tercentenary Commission.

The obverse shows a ribbon inscribed with People, Purpose, Progress wrapping around the Tercentenary symbol and figures representing New Jersey industry and agriculture. On the reverse, above the date are totems of New Jersey's three Leni-Lenape indian subtribes forming a totem pole: The wild turkey of the Unalachtigo on top, the wold of the Minsi in the middle, and the turtle of the Unami at the bottom. At the totem's base are figures representing East and West Jersey: A Cavalier facing east and symbolizing the Court of King Charles II, and a Quaker facing west. Alonf the rime are 21 figures representing New Jersey's contributions to the nation and the world, among them Edison's light bulb, a crossbar and football for the first collegiate footbal game, a transistor, adn a beaker and test tube.

Designer: Anthony Notaro

Metal: Solid bronze

Weight: 1.4 ounces

Diameter: 44.45 mm ( 1.75 inches)

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