Hungary. 1000 Forint 2011. 150th Anniversary Anyos Jedlik & the Principle of the Dynamo. B.U.

Hungarian Inventors and Engineers:

150th Anniversary Anyos Jedlik & The Principle of the Dynamo (1861)

Anyos Jedlik (1800-1895) is considered by many to be the creator of the dynamo and electric motor. In 1861 Jedlik formulated the principle behind the operation of the electromagnetic dynamo. Jedlik’s dynamo is on the coin’s obverse with the inscription single-pole electric starter. The reverse has his portrait as a Benedictine priest, the Cross of St. Benedict, and the inscriptions: ‘DEVELOPER OF THE CONCEPT OF THE DYNAMO’, ‘ÁNYOS JEDLIK’, ‘1861’ and ‘1800–1895’

Value:    1,000 Ft.    

Quality: Brilliant Uncirculated

Metal: CuNi     

Weight: 14 g    

Size:  28.43 mm sq.     

Mintage: 10,000

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