Hungary. 5,000 forint 2011. Busójárás Festival in Mohács. Proof

World Heritage in Hungary:
The Busójárás Festival in Mohács

Every year during the week before Ash Wednesday, fearsome, devilish creatures wearing horned wooden masks and big sheepskin costumes arrive with cowbells and wooden noisemakers ­­­­­­-and make the usually quiet and peaceful city of Mohács anything but that. The men in the masks, called Busós, are there to scare off winter and welcome spring, following an old ritual dating back to the 18th century. It also celebrates the victory over the Turks in 1687. Busójárás is only celebrated in the town of Mohács, located on the banks of the Danube.

5,000 Ft.    

Quality: Proof     

Metal: .925 silver

Weight: 31.46 g    

Diam.: 38.61mm  

Mintage: 5,000      

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