Hungary. 1,000 Forint 2010. László József Bíró: Inventor of the Ball Point Pen. Proof

Hungarian Inventors and Engineers:
László József Bíró: Inventor of the Ball Point Pen

His annoyance at the time wasted and mess made by fountain pens caused László Bíro, a newspaper editor in Hungary, to find a better way. He noticed that newspaper ink dried quickly. As this ink was too thick for a fountain pen, with his brother  Georg, a chemist, he designed a ball and socket device which rolled the ink onto paper. The ball point pen was introduced at the Budapest International Fair in 1931 and was patented by Bíro in 1938. The brothers escaped the Nazis in 1940 and established a pen company in Argentina. Marcel Bich bought the patent from Bíró in 1950, and it became the main product of the Bic company. In many countries the word "biro" is still used as a generic term for any ballpoint pen.
 Designer: György Szabó

Value: 1,000 Ft.              
Quality: Proof   

Metal: CuNi        

Weight: 14 g

Size:  28.43 mm sq.  

Mintage:   10,000    

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