Hungary. 5,000 Forint 2008. Siklos Castle. Proof


The history of the Siklós Castle and the noble family that owned and built it dates to the middle ages. In a document from 1294 it is called Castrum Soklos, and its construction was probably started early in the 13th century by the Soklyosy family, part of the Kán tribe, one of the original Hungarian settlers to the Great Plain. In the 14th century, under the rule of the Garai family, the castle became a national focal point and the Garai’s power and influence allowed for the construction of an ensemble of Gothic-style buildings. In 1515, it was acquired by the Perényi family who completed work on the fortifications and made renovations in a Renaissance style.
The armies of Sultan Suleiman captured it in 1543 and it remained under Turkish control until 1686. Upon its liberation, it was given to Count Aeneas Caprara, a field marshal in the Austrian army, who began the expansion into the huge complex that stands today.
Completion of the Baroque-style building occurred under the Batthyány family, who owned the castle from 1728. In 1873 it was purchased by Lajos Benyovszky, a barrister from Pozsony (today’s Bratislava). His elder son, Móric inherited the estate and opened its doors to the public for the first time when it was declared a historical monument.
After Benyovszky’s death, ownership passed to the Treasury of the Hungarian Army. The castle was to be turned into a vacation center for Army officers, but these plans were foiled by World War II. The damaged building was left without an owner and in disrepair until 1955, when it was renovated by the Government Council of Baranya County in cooperation with the Hungarian National Office of Historical Preservation. Today, the castle is managed by the city of Siklós and plays a significant role in displaying the city’s historical and cultural treasures.
This is the fifth in the Magyar Nemzeti Bank’s series of legal tender commemorative coins entitled Hungarian Castles. The others are: Visegrád (2004), Diósgyőr (2005), Munkács (2006), and Gyula (2007).

Face value: 5,000 Ft.    

Quality: Proof     

Metal: .925 silver

Weight: 31.46 g    

Diameter: 38.61mm   

Mintage 6,000

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