Hungary. 5,000 Forint 2009. Budapest World Heritage Site. UNC

World Heritage Sites in Hungary – Budapest

This is the newest in a series of commemorative silver coins celebrating Hungary’s World Heritage sites. The Budapest site stretches from the Margit to the Szabadság Bridges, and has monuments from various periods in the history of the city. Its area includes the Castle Quarter of Buda, Gellért Mountain, the Gellért baths, the banks of the Danube on the Pest side with the Parliament, the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Gresham Palace, the Vigadó theatre and the Belvárosi parish church, as well as Andrássy Avenue, Hero’s Square, and the Millennial Monument. Another unique feature is that the Millennium Underground (the second-oldest underground metro system in the world) is a part of this heritage. Sculptor Fritz Mihály created a design in which allusions to all of the above are seen on the two sides of the coin.

Face Value: 5,000 Forint

Quality: Proof

Metal: .925 silver

Weight : 31.46 g

Diameter: 38.61mm

Mintage: 6,000

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