Palau. $5 2010. World of Wonders: 4 Coin Proof Set

Palau. $5 2010. World of Wonders: 4 Coin Proof Set

The Statue of Liberty is the most famous landmark in New York. She stands a proud 150 feet tall (without the base) and was inaugurated in October 1886. She welcomes immigrants and returnees. Miss Liberty was a gift from the people of France. A rumor says that the wife of the sewing machine manufacturer Singer posed for the drafts of the Liberty for the French sculptor Bartholdi. She  stands on broken chains which represent slavery. In her left hand she holds a tablet with the inscription July 4, 1776. A radiant crown with seven points decorates her head and symbolizes the seven seas and continents.  This coin is the highlight of a series of four coins from Palau. 
In addition to  the Statue of Liberty, the Kiomizu Temple  is on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage list. St. Basil’s Cathedral is listed together with the Red Square and the Kremlin. Neuschwanstein Castle is not yet found on the UNESCO list, however there are efforts to have it included.

Country: Palau 
Face Value: $5 
Year:  2010 
Metal:  .925 Silver 
Weight:  25 g 
Size: 38.61 mm 
Quality:  Proof
Mintage:  2,500 pieces each
Price: $66.75 per coin

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