Hungary 10,000 Forint 2020. 150th Anniversary of the Hungarian Meteorological Service. Silver Proof

150th Anniversary of the Hungarian Meteorological Service

On April 8, 1870 Emperor Francis Joseph countersigned the deed of foundation for the Royal Hungarian Central Institute for Meteorology and Earth Magnetism. Soon after, Guidó Schenzl became the first director. His main duties were organizing meteorological measurements, developing a network of weather stations, evaluating the readings, and researching Hungary’s climatic features. The first annual report was issued in 1873, and the first daily weather forecast (on a map) came out on June 15,1891. The institute’s scientific journal, “Időjárás”, was launched in 1897 and it is still being published today.
This year’s square coin has been increased in size to 38.61 mm and is now available for the first time as a silver 10,000 forint, as well as a copper-nickel 2,000 forint.
The obverse of the coin is schematic cyclone based on the new logo of Hungarian Meteorologocal Service (OMSZ).
The reverse shows a Balaton landscape, above which is a weather chart presenting data on atmospheric conditions including cold and warm fronts over the area.

10000 HUF Proof .925 silver    5,000 38.61 mm 31.46 g


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