Hungary. 5,000 Forint 2010. Orseg National Park. Proof

Rectangular Silver Coin for the Őrseg National Park

This rectangular,  silver coin is the first issue in a new annual series featuring Hungary's National Parks. The 39.6 x 26.4 mm (c. 1.5 x 1 inch) coin is dedicated to the Őrseg National Park. The Őrseg is home to no less than 111 protected plant species and an exceptionally rich and diverse wildlife population. The park was founded on  March 1, 2002 and its coat of arms features one of the region's most common protected butterflies, the Dusky Large Blue (Maculinea Nausithous), as the Őrseg is home to Europe's largest population of this species.
Hundreds of years ago, the first Hungarian tribes established guard posts in this wooded countryside of rolling hills to defend the western border, giving the Őrseg its name (őr  means Guard in Hungarian). Over the centuries, the people of this region have created a landscape of small farms nestled in the land in harmony with nature. The region's sub-Alpine climate results in large amounts of precipitation and there are three rivers, the Raba, the Zala and Kerka, and numerous smaller streams and brooks. Along with gentle hills, valleys, meadows, small marshes, and moors, 63% of the region is covered with forests.
The endangered large blue butterfly is depicted on the front of the coin. The reverse shows the typical architectural style of the Szalafő-Pityerszer settlement, as drawn by Gabor Gati. The two sides are meant to express the harmony between the natural, ethnological, and cultural values of the region, one of the many unique attractions of the Őrseg National Park.

Face Value: 5,000 Forint

Quality: Proof

Metal: .925 silver 

Weight: 31.46 g    

Size: 39.6 x 26.4 mm   

Mintage: 5,000 

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