Hungary 2,000 Forint 2018. Art˙r G÷rgei and the Revolution of 1848-49. Copper-nickel BU


The Magyar Nemzeti Bank has issued a pair of legal tender coins for Artúr Görgei on the double occasion of the i170th anniversary of the start of the 1848–49 Hungarian Revolution and War of Independence and the 200th anniversary of the birth of one of the most prominent military leaders who fought in the War of Independence.

Artúr Görgei (January 30, 1818 – May 21, 1916), a general and a Minister of War, one of the most talented military leaders of the 1848–49 Hungarian Revolution and War of Independence was born 200 years ago. He led the war as the commander-in-chief of the Hungarian army. He graduated as a chemist and he had remarkable achievements in this area before 1848. Following the surrender at Világos that ended the war, he was considered to be an ambiguous historical character. His actions were often criticized, but historical research has refuted accusations of treason.



In the battle scene shown on the obverse, one of the victorious battles of the 1848–49 Hungarian Revolution and War of Independence is presented. It was inspired by Mór Than’s painting entitled Görgey Orders a Cavalry Charge in the Second Battle of Komárom at Herkálypuszta. Above the picture in the upper legend the list of the most significant victorious battles of the 1848–49 Hungarian Revolution and War of Independence appears (ISASZEG, BUDA, KOMÁROM, VÁC), in chronological order.

The legally-mandated design elements of commemorative coins are placed on the obverse in the outer ring: the lettering “MAGYARORSZÁG”, the denomination, the mint mark “BP.” produced with special micro lettering that contains a security element, which provides protection against counterfeiting, as well as the mint year ‘2018’.

The outer ring structure of the design also appears on the reverse side of the coins interrupted by a half-body portrait of Artúr Görgei based on a daguerreotype. In the background of the portrait – in the middle, on an elevated plane – the names of those who stood by Artúr Görgei in the “Statement” signed by 207 Hungarian soldiers are displayed in micro lettering (the list is not complete, and it is shown in three different font sizes). His fellow soldiers expressed their views in the Statement published in the daily newspaper Nation on 23 November 1884: “…quite honestly it is fair to say that the surrender at Világos was not an act of treason being faced with an enemy so superior in numbers, our weapons were not dishonored, it was not a sin against our country, it was a humane and respectful end of the further useless bloodshed of fellow Hungarians and furthermore, the conclusion of a hopeless, pointless war, which therefore lost its cause.”

In the outer ring on the left the lettering GÖRGEI ARTÚR is shown, along with the years of Artúr Görgei’s birth and death.

The coin is 38.61 mm in diameter and is made from an alloy of copper (75%) and nickel (25%). It weighs 30.8 grams and is brillant uncirculated. Mintage is 5,000 coins.


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