Monnaies Franšaises, 1789-2019. 2020 edition
Monnaies Franšaises, 1789-2019. 2020 edition
Monnaies Franšaises, 1789-2019. 2020 edition 1
Monnaies Franšaises, 1789-2019. 2020 edition 2
Monnaies Franšaises, 1789-2019. 2020 edition 3
Monnaies Franšaises, 1789-2019. 2020 edition


Monnaies Françaises has been the bible for the coins of modern France since it was first published in 1973. It is now authored by Francesco Pastrone and published by Editions Victor Gadoury of Monaco. In French, it is called "Le Rouge" (The Red). 

The 24th edition, covering the years 1789-2019 is now available with all illustrations in color and a number of new features. Among them are many essais & pieforts with new photos - A new chapter for Napoleon I (essais-Piéforts- Epreuves- Flans Brunis), All the silver and copper coins of Napoleon in Italy - A new coin from Monaco - The latest coins of the Monnaie de Paris - More pictures in high quality.

  There is a full chapter on the ever-popular and widely-collected essais, piéforts, and proofs or flans brunis of Napoleon I. 
  Mintages are included for the French euro coins. The book also has more than 500 additional photos showing many close-up details.
  It is now up to 608, full-color pages, but is being sold at the same price of $44.95. It has information on all French coins minted since the Revolution of 1789 through the current Fifth Republic in chronological order by denomination (smallest to largest), including both the circulation and collector issues of  France's modern euro coins.         

Also given are: metal, fineness, weight, diameter, edge, engraver's name and privy marks. Mintage figures are provided by date and mint mark for each denomination, along with accurate current values in euros in up to five grades. Also included are obsidional coinage for the sieges of Mainz and Antwerp and special sections on commemorative coins, coins of Monaco, coins of Corsica (1736, 1762-68), coins of Saarland (1954-55), and an illustrated guide of all privy marks.


ISBN 2906602469
608 pages, hard bound
5.8 x 8.2 inches 
Published by Editions Victor Gadoury, Monaco


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