Hungary 2,000 Forint 2017. National Memorials: Kossuth Square. Antique Bronze

A Legal Tender Coin Struck in Antique Bronze

Fourth Issue in the National Memorials Series: Issue Date: November 30

In only a few years, Hungary’s annual antique bronze 2,000 forint coin for its National Memorials has become a virtual sell out. This year should be no exception. The coin is dedicated to Kossuth Tér (“square”), on the 90th anniversary of it being named in honor of the great statesman, Lajos Kossuth.

Located on the banks of the Danube, it is the symbolic center of the Hungarian state. Among the buildings facing it, and shown on the reverse, are Parliament, the Museum of Ethnography, and the Ministry of Agriculture. The obverse shows one of the lions from the front of the Parliament and the Hungarian flag.

Five years ago, the square was restored to as it looked before 1944. Among the memorials on it are ones to Kossuth, and to other significant events in Hungarian history.

Denomination: 2000 HUF

Quality: Patinated 

Metal: Bronze   

Issue limit: 5,000

Diameter:37 mm 

Weight: 18.4 grams

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