Hungary 20,000 Forint 2016. 225th Anniversary of István Széchenyi. Silver Proof

These huge 20,000-forint silver and a 2,000-forint copper-nickel coins commemorate the 225th anniversary of the birth of István Szécheny. The front shows the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, with a statue of Széchenyi in front. The reverse has Széchenyi seated, hands resting in his lap, with a portion of Hungary’s first train timetable visible behind him. A steam locomotive can be seen above the timetable. The silver version is the first 20,000-forint coin and the largest commemorative silver coins.

Széchenyi was a leading figure in the political struggles of Hungary’s reform era and a key character in the transformation of Hungarian society. He played an instrumental role in the development of Hungary’s economy and public life, transportation and language. 

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