Hungary 2,000 Forint 2016. The Castle of Szigetvár. Copper-nickel Unc

The Castle of Szigetvár
The newest issue in the “Hungarian Castles” series salutes the Szigetvár Castle on the  450th anniversary of the Szigetvár siege.

The obverse represents the half figure of Miklós Zrínyi, defender of the castle, in armor, wearing a hat, a sword in the right hand and a mace in the left. The upper circle legend of the reverse reads SZIGETVÁR CASTLE in Hungarian (SZIGETVÁRI VÁR) while the main motif represents the current southern view of the castle. There is a quote in the foreground from the epic Peril of Sziget of the great-grandson Miklós Zrínyi (1620-1664), poet and military leader, inspiring soldiers to break out, struck with small font size letters. The coin is issued in HUF 10,000 proof silver and in HUF 2,000  

Denomination Quality Metal Issue limit Diameter Weight   

2000 HUF           BU CuNiZn   5,000      38.61 mm 30.8 g

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