Hungary 50,000 Forint 2016. Florin of King Sigismund. Gold Uncirculated

 The Gold Florin of King Sigismund (1387-1437)

The ancient coins of Hungary in modern form 
With the issue of King Sigismund’s gold florin, the Magyar Nemzeti Bank continues its series “Medieval Hungarian Gold Florins,” launched in 2012 with the gold florin of Charles I (2012), Louis I (2013) and Mary, Queen of Hungary (2014). The front of the coin depicts the coat of arms of Sigismund’s first type of gold florin, as designed by sculptor Tamás E. Soltra. The back depicts Saint Ladislaus holding a battle-axe in his right hand and the orb in his left hand, with the letters M–O by his sides, the mark of Buda Chamberlain Mikes Jemnisti, and the number 13 between the legs of the saint.
Value 50000 Ft.
(Weight of  1 Ducat)  
Metal .986 gold
Weight 3.491 g
Diameter 20mm  
Quality Unc  
Mintage 2,000

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