Hungary 50 Forint 2015. National Memorial Commemorative. Cu-ni. BU

Honoring the past is an integral part of society’s national and communal awareness. Memorial sites form a spatial bond between this past and its remembrance, accompanying Hungary’s history from its foundation all the way to the second half of the 20th century. These memorials include both places of glory and grief, functioning as symbolic scenes of diligent progress and struggle.

There are currently 14 national memorials and 46 historical memorials in Hungary.  The common symbol of these national and historical memorials was inspired by the Royal Hungarian Sceptre, a motif with multi-faceted significance. The motif of the double knot simultaneously expresses the bonds that hold Hungaians together and reminds them of the obligation to protect memorials and past values, preserving the important role they play in ntional identity. As part of this mission, the Magyar Nemzeti Bank is proud to issue a 50-Ft circulation coin, with the traditional saker falcon replaced by the symbol of the memorials, as depicted by the coin’s designer, István Kósa.

The commemorative 50 forint was limited to 2 million pieces, with 12,000 of them  packed into this  "first day mint" package, that  package is serial numbered. 3,000 pcs in Proof quality became part of the 2015 Proof set.

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