Netherlands €5 2015. Dutch World Heritage: The Van Nelle Factory. Silver Proof

    The former Van Nelle Factory on the Delfhavense Schie in Rotterdam is the Netherlands' most important industrial national heritage site. Up until 1995, coffee, tea and tobacco were produced here, but today the building is home to a number of different companies. The iconic building was placed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2014. Now, the former coffee, tea and tobacco company is the subject of the last official commemorative coin of 2015. This is the fourth issue in the UNESCO World Heritage series.
The Van Nelle factory is one of the pinnacles of Dutch industrial architecture. Indeed, during the opening in 1930, it was fondly referred to as a 'poem in steel and glass'. The Van Nelle coin was designed by Kianoosh Motallebi, who will also design the next two coins in the series. The coin incorporates modern minting techniques, such as micro-raster, as well as the official UNESCO logo.
 The plated coin is in a printed card.  This is the fourth coin in a series showing Dutch World Heritage Sites, the others are for the Canals of Amsterdam, the Rietveld Schröder House in Utrecht, and the Windmills of Kinderdijk. 

Metal:  .925 silver     
Weight: 15.5 grams
Diameter: 33 mm  
Quality: proof 
Face value: 5 euro
Mintage: max.: 12,500  

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