Netherlands €5 2015. 200th anniversary Battle of Waterloo & Kingdom of the Netherlands. Silver Proof

Preorder now. Available after June 20. The Waterloo five euro 2015 coin  commemorates one of the most memorable battles in history: the Battle of Waterloo. This battle took place exactly 200 years ago, on June 18, 1815. Some called the Prince of Orange (who would go on to become King Willem II) the ‘Hero of Waterloo’.  For that reason, the reverse design for the Waterloo ten euro coin is based on his distinctive headdress, a bicorn, the two-cornered hat whihc was typical military attire of the period. Combined with the obverse, a dignified portrait of King Willem-Alexander, this coin truly unites the past and the present. The coin is designed by painter Marjolein Rothman. A fitting way to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Kingdom of the Netherlands!   

MetalSilver (925/1000)
Weight15.5 g
Diameter33 mm
Face value€ 5

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