Money that Changed the World – A History of Gold Coins and Gold Currencies
Money that Changed the World – A History of Gold Coins and Gold Currencies by Svein H. Gullbekk


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Professor Svein H. Gullbekk is an internationally renowned numismatist who gives enthusiastic lectures about coins and medals across Europe. Dr. Gullbekk brings the enthusiasm and knowledge from his lectures into a just-published hard cover book, which is the first ever to detail the history of gold coins and gold currencies between two covers. “I noticed when I was preparing for my lectures and speeches that it was difficult to find a single book which covered the whole history of gold coins and gold currencies. There were many books about a single country´s or region´s coins and coinage, but not one which in a readable, factual and simple way covered a more general perspective for gold coins and currencies,” Gullbekk explains.

Gold coinages and gold currencies constitute one of the building blocks of human societies, intrinsic to urbanization, state formation, the development of commerce, and the prosecution of war. Few artifacts follow the history of mankind more closely than the coins that for 2,500 years have been used by kingdoms, states and ecclesiastical magnates.

Money that Changed the World – A History of Gold Coins and Gold Currencies traces the history of these gold coins from the year 625 BC all the way to Hitler´s hunt for gold during the Second World War. This book is the result of many years of studies into gold coins and currencies. It is richly illustrated and intended not only for experts, but for any reader who is interested in history, culture and gold currencies. The hardback 9 x 6 inch book's 234 pages include 196 color illustrations. It was published in Oslo by Scribendarius (2014). The ISBN is 978-82-999453-0-1

I would recommend that any and everyone interested in gold coins get a copy. The book is very well produced and interesting to read. If you have a copy of Friedberg, this needs to be right next to it! – Dr. Alan Walker, Nomos AG

About the author:

Svein H. Gullbekk is Professor of Numismatics at the Museum of Cultural History, Oslo University. He has published several books and articles on numismatics, and the history of money as well as a series of books for the general public. He is currently leading an international research project on “Religion and Money: Economy of Salvation in the Middle Ages”, funded by the Norwegian Research Council.


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