Royales.gif Monnaies Royales Franšaises, 1610-1792. 2018 edition $49.50

by Francesco Pastrone.

The new 40th anniversary edition of the standard reference book on the coins of the Kings of France.

All coins reproduced in color and listed with prices for 3 states of conservation, with a rarity index included.

Presentation is chronological by reign and in increasing value from bronze to gold.

Numerous new coins and nearly 300 new photos. Prices entirely revised.

Updated layout for a more compact format.

376 pages. Size 5.9 x 8¼ inches.

Published by Editions Gadoury, Monaco


From the Introduction by Francesco Pastrone (translated & edited):


This fifth edition of the" Gadoury White ", is published for the fortieth anniversary of the first edition (1978), and closely follows the fourth (2012) .It is the first time that such a short period (6 years) separates two editions of our work which has become the reference of all those who are interested in the coinage struck by the Bourbons from Louis XIII to the French Revolution. This was necessitated by the avalanche of new information resulting research and publications on these coins since 2010.

For this edition, we chose to slightly change the structure of the book so to give a better visibility to different types ... We added several dozen newly confirmed or discovered coins and reclassified badly cataloged ones, especially in the reign of Louis XIII ... It is with pleasure that we announce the publication of several unpublished coins of Louis XIV:

With regard to the market in general for royal coins, the upward trend has been confirmed and reinforced. During the last 5 years, we have noted in price lists and especially in public auctions, that exceptional quality and of a great rarity that have reached previously unthinkable prices. On the other hand, the lower quality have a very quiet market; and that is why we have cut prices in B (Very Good), TB (Fine) and sometimes even in TT B (Very Fine). For some currencies, we published prices in MS, that is to say in SUP (Extremely Fine)-FDC (Uncirculated), realized in public sales in France and especially abroad. These prices are three to four times higher than our estimate in Superb.