Portugal. 200 Escudos (x4) 1999. Discovery of Brazil. BU

The Golden Age of Portuguese Discoveries: Series X. The Discovery of Brazil


The tenth issue in the most successful long-term coin program in numismatics is now available. Series X in Portugal’s Coins of Discovery program commemorates the 500th anniversary of the discovery of Brazil by Pedro Alvares Cabral with four 200 escudo face value, legal tender commemorative coins, available in either gold or silver.

The silver coins are offered NOW as a brilliant uncirculated set of 4, mounted in color wallet with Portuguese/English text. It is limited to a mintage of 10,000.

The four coins of the latest issue in the Coins of Discovery series. Clockwise from top left: Coin 1) Duarte Pacheco Pereira. Navigator and cosmographer, he was the first person to write about supposedly “secret” voyages to northern Brazil. Coin 2) Pedro Alvares Cabral. Knight and naval hero, he claimed the discovery of Brazil for Portugal when he landed there on April 22, 1500. Coin 3) Brazil. Showing scenes of the new land: Its native people, its flora and fauna. its majestic coastline. Coin 4) Death in the Sea. No voyage of discovery was without peril: Unsure navigation, stormy seas, fierce winds, disease, and famine. This coin pays tribute to all those who gave their lives making history for Portugal and the world.

Specifications (each coin)

Denomination: 200 Escudos

Diameter: 36 mm

Metal: .925 silver

Weight: 24.5 grams

Mintage: 10,000 sets



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