Netherlands €5 2014. 200th Anniversary of the Netherlands Central Bank.. Silver Proof

    Founded under King Willem I in 1814, the Nederlandse Bank has always been an impotant participant in the Dutch economy, from issuing money to making fiscal policy. On its 200th anniversary, the bank is using the occcasion to commemorate itself with another in the long line of technically innovative Dutch coins.
    Just as on banknotes, where it is used for security, microtext is an important part of the coin’s design, as is the lathework traditionally found on most notes, but which here contains a silhouette of King Willem Alexander on one side and the denomination, inspired by the old 100 guilder banknote on the other.


Metal:        .925 silver   
Weight:          15.5 grams   
Diameter:           33 mm 
Quality:     proof       
Face value:            €5    
Mintage: max.           12,500    
Packaging:           Color jacket    

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