Hungarian Gold Masterpieces. Franz Joseph II. 1 Ducat 1896. Millennium Gold Ducat of Charles Robert

The archives of the Budapest Mint contain a treasure trove – not just of coins, but also the tools that made them. For over a century, they have been preserved and protected, and on rare occasions put to use in the making of official mint restrikes. We are offering some recent ones now — all made in severely limited quantities, often even fewer than the originals. All restrikes have the mark of the Budapest Mint. The tools used to make these have been destroyed. 1896 was an important year for Hungary as it celebrated the millenium of the Magyar conquest and the Hungarian Kingdom. Visitors to Budapest are familiar with the monument to the founders and Heroes Square. Because of their great rarity, everyone is far less familiar with the coins struck to commemorate the event. This is the largest and most spectacular coin to honor the event.

Franz Joseph I.
Based on the Gold Ducat of King Charles Robert.

Struck to mark the 1,000th year of the Hungarian kingdom.

Content: .986 fine gold
Weight: 3.56 grams
Diameter: 21 mm
Mintage: 50 pieces
Marked with the mintmark BP (Budapest Mint) and a hallmark for the fineness of the gold.

In May 2013 an original, Friedberg # 258 (mintage 100 pcs.) sold at auction for €12,000 ($15,566).

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