Hungary’s 2013 Proof Set with 1,000 forint The Stars of Eger commemorative coins

The proof quality 2013 minted circulation coins of 5,10, 20, 50, 100 and 200 forint denominations. This set version is limited to 4,000 sets and includes the Stars of Eger coin commemorating the 150th anniversay of the birth Géza Gárdony.

The 150th anniversary of birth of the writer Géza Gárdonyi (Mar. 8,1863 - Oct. 10, 1922) is being celebrated by Hungary with the issue of a base metal collector coin, depicting the portrait of the author and the scene of the battle against the Ottoman Turks at the castle of Eger in 1552. This heroic and glorious fight inspired Gárdonyi to write its history. His novel the Stars of Eger or the Eclipse of the Crescent Moon, which has been printed some 4 million times in Hungary and translated into 20 languages (including Turkish most recently in 2013) is considered Hungary’s favorite novel.
The coin's designer, Gábor BenőPogány was inspired by the 1867 painting Women of Eger by Bertalan Székely, in which the central motif is the figure of a woman in the midst of a wild battle scene  as rendered on the reverse. The coin thus pays tribute both to the eternal memory of the defenders of the Castle of Eger and Gárdonyi's classic work.


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